Berker B.IQ

      Seize the opportunity to control a wide variety household functions, such as heating and blinds, from a single multiple pushbutton sensor. It is not only extremely well laid out, but also creates an architectural line. 

     The Berker B.IQ is a surround-free pushbutton sensor with rockers that you can use to control the functions of the intelligent KNX building system, such as switch and touch functions, light dimming and blind adjustment. Devices with an integrated thermostat or an IR remote control are also available. What's more, lighting – whether atmospheric or functional – can be programmed and switched on.
The perfect family: With its plastic, glass, aluminium or stainless steel finish, the Berker B.IQ complements the Berker B.7 surround variations perfectly.

  Berker B.IQ overview (PDF)