Berker touch control

     The KNX touch control is a room control unit and a thermostat in one. It combines the look of a flat screen with the feel of a touch pad, inspired by how you usually use your smartphone.

     The KNX touch control is completely attuned to you. As soon as you approach it, a sensor activates the 3.5" TFT touch display to offer you a whole host of control functions. And in excellent graphics, thanks to its high-resolution display.
Dim the light. Adjust your blinds. Control your air conditioning. Activate your alarm system. Check if a window is open. Or upload your latest holiday photos to use as a slide show. The KNX touch control offers you endless possibilities. At the same time, its design complements any environment, from individual homes to executive offices or commercial buildings. The right surrounds – rounded or angular – also guarantee harmonious integration into the chosen switch range.

     Design: Surround, round, in 10 materials and colours / Surround, square, in 13 materials and colours External display dimensions: 95 x 75 mm External surround dimensions: 93.9 x 90.9 mm Functions: up to 60 functions.