Electric cars

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Electric cars

Electric car is a car powered by an electric motor by using electrical energy stored in the battery rechargeable and converts the energy from the battery to be used to drive the car And with the advantages of electric motors that provide instant torque Make electric cars have a quiet engine acceleration. and no exhaust gases from burning energy

Advantages of EVs
1. Fuel cost of electric cars cheaper than petrol Because the energy of the EV comes from charging the electric charge into the battery. Although EVs are quite expensive. But compared to cars that use oil. The price trend of EVs is starting to become cheaper.

2. The engine runs quietly. no noise Because the drive mechanism is not as much as a car that uses oil to drive. which requires ignition to burn in order to be able to drive

3. Protect the environment “When there is no burning There is no pollution.” With EVs, there is no need to detonate to drive. causing no pollution Because there is no exhaust from the combustion of energy like a combustion engine.

4. Maintenance is cheaper Electric cars have less fussy working parts. Driving is just an electric motor and battery. The motorized brake system increases the friction while braking, it makes the parts. of the system works less Less wear and of course maintenance costs are also cheaper.

Electric car charger Thai nationality!! The Bluestone team has functions including Hardware, Software, User verification via RFID/NFC, UI, Monitoring usage, reading power, charging time, charging history. via mobile phone

Comes with electrical leakage protection system, both AC / DC and also equipped with surge protection devices to prevent damage to both chargers. and the car while charging In addition, an Energy Meter is also installed to measure the charging power. to be used to calculate the cost as well

There is a button to start charging. with button ready status indicator and stop the operation in case of emergency via the Emergency Stop button under the machine and also have LEDs Show charger working status (CONNECT, CHARGING, ERROR)

Can set the charging time in advance via Web application, install a communication device between the user and the device. It communicates via Wifi, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP to carry charging data. Go create an expense management system. together with building management

In case of using a single device, the charger can be connected via the built-in Wifi. The user can read the operation of the machine, the user's electricity consumption data through the installed Web application.

The EV Charger's Web Application is designed to be easy to use for setting up. set license and report charging results It shows the charging power, current used, charging status. and report errors If there is a problem while charging This includes the charger, power, total charging time and charging interval. to be used to calculate the cost per time or per month

User charging history report, charging start time Charging time energy used and also reports the amount of charge per month of each user.

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