Bluestone EV 1


Bluestone EV 1 electric car charger, size 7.4 kW Single Phase 32A and size 22 kW 3 Phase 32A, is designed to support use for residential homes. and public use Comes with complete functions both in terms of potential use and safety standardse



  • EV Charger 22 kW 3 Phase 32 A and 7.4 kW Single Phase 32 A electric car charger that is designed to support both home and residential use. and public use The identity verification system has been installed.
  • To show the right to charge via RFID/NFC, which can be used for both RFID Card and Smart Phone (Android)
  • Comes with both AC / DC leakage protection system and also equipped with protection devices. Surge
  • Protection) to prevent damage to both chargers. and the car while it is charging. In addition, an Energy Meter is also installed to measure the charging power for use in charging.
  • There is a button to start charging. with button ready status indicator and stop working In case of emergency via the Emergency Stop button under the machine and also has LEDs to show the working status. of the charger (CONNECT, CHARGE, ERROR)

  • You can set the charging time in advance via the web application.

  • Install a user-to-machine communication device with communication via Wifi, and Modbus TCP so that charging data can be used to create a cost management system in conjunction with building management.

  • In the case of using a single device, the charger can be contacted through the built-in Wifi that the user can read the operation of the device. User's electricity usage data via the pre-installed Web application

  • The EV Charger's Web Application is designed to be easy to use. to use in settings set license and report charging results It shows the charging power, current used, charging status. and report crashes if problems occur while charging. This includes the charger, power, total charging time and charging interval, to be able to calculate the cost per time or per month.

  • User charging history report charging start time Charging time energy used It also reports the monthly charge amount of each user. charging start Charging time energy used and also reports the amount of charge per month of each user.



  • The charging current can be adjusted from 6-32 A via Mobile to suit the usage.
  • Can set the right to charge via RFID/NFC, which can be used for both RFID Card and Smart Phone (Android).
  • Install Energy Meter to measure the charged power to use for charging.
  • The EV unit separates the control system from the electric power. This increases the service life of the EV Charger.
  • There is a device to prevent surge from lightning. Help protect the car and charger if Lightning occurred while charging.
  • Both DC 6mA and AC 30mA leakage protection devices are installed to ensure the safety of life and property.
  • The material is aluminium, strong, reducing internal heat. no heat build-up


Security system:

  • DC 6mA leakage protection device according to IEC standard.
  • AC 30mA Type A Residual Current Protection Device according to IEC Standard (External Device)
  • A 40 kA surge protector protects the vehicle and charger if Lightning occurred while charging. (external device)


  • Charge controllers from leading European manufacturers.
  • Aluminum Enclosure helps to dissipate heat during charging. causing no heat to accumulate in the machine
  • Separate control system out of the electrical system This makes the charger last longer.
  • Install an RFID (IoT) licensing device.
  • Type 2 charging cable, length 7 meters from Phoenix Contact, safe and convenient to use.
  • Degree of Protection: IP54 (waterproof, dustproof)
  • There is a button to start charging. with button ready status indicator And stop the operation in case of
  • Emergency via the Emergency Stop button under the device and also have LEDs indicating the status (CONNECT, CHARGE, ERROR).


  • Plug in the charger immediately or through the authorization through RFID, which can choose the mode of use via the web application
  • Display charging status, power value, charging time, charging time can be set. and can set the appropriate charging current and  can view historical charging data via Web application
  • Connected to the Ethernet / Internet system can be viewed from the outside


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