EV3-AC1-7,4 / EV3-AC1-7,4 IoT
EV3-AC3-22 / EV3-AC3-22 IoT
The BLUESTONE EV Charger EV3 is an AC charger with a maximum power rating of 22kW. It is designed to accommodate both single-phase and three-phase power for residential and public use. The charger comes equipped with comprehensive features and complies with the IEC61851-1 and IEC61851-21-2 standards.

Moreover, it is designed to withstand water and dust, meeting the IP65 protection level. Additionally, it bears the energy-saving label with a rating of 5. This makes it suitable for residential homes and public charging stations, offering versatile functionality and efficient power consumption.
The BLUESTONE EV3 electric vehicle charger is available in both the basic model and the IoT model, which comes with built-in WiFi for added convenience. The IoT model offers users the ability to remotely control charging, check the charging status, schedule charging times, and set charging currents. Furthermore, users can access historical charging data for calculating electricity usage costs through a web application on their smartphones.

With a user-friendly interface, the BLUESTONE EV Charger simplifies the charging process and ensures safety with its comprehensive protection system. The device supports RFID access, allowing users to manage access rights independently.

BLUESTONE's EV Charger combines ease of use and convenience in a single unit, making it a reliable and user-friendly choice. The brand provides professional teams for consultation, guidance, and installation services, ensuring compliance with electrical standards.

  • The BLUESTONE EV3 electric vehicle charger offers instant plug-and-charge functionality.
  • It displays real-time charging status, energy consumption, allows for setting charging schedules, and configuring charging currents to suit your needs. For the IoT model specifically, users can also access historical charging data through the web application.
  • The charger can be connected to Ethernet/Internet for external monitoring and control, a feature exclusive to the IoT model. RFID functionality is available for granting access rights, specifically for the IoT model.
  • Featuring an Aluminum Enclosure, the charger facilitates heat dissipation during charging, reducing heat buildup within the device.
  • The unit is customizable, allowing users to choose the charger's color according to their preferences.



  • The BLUESTONE EV3 electric vehicle charger is designed with a power rating of 22 kW for 3 Phase 32 A and 7.4 kW for Single Phase 32 A. This design allows it to cater to both residential and public charging needs.
  • It features an identity verification system through RFID for charging authorization, a functionality available specifically in the IoT model.
  • Constructed with lightweight and corrosion-resistant Aluminum material, the charger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The inclusion of LEDs provides visual indicators for the operating status of the charger, including POWER, CONNECT, CHARGE, and ERROR statuses.



  • Selectable Charging Current: Users can choose between a maximum charging current of 16 A or 32 A (exclusive to the IoT model).
  • Adjustable Charging Current: The charging current can be adjusted within the range of 6-16 A or 6-32 A via a mobile application, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs (exclusive to the IoT model).
  • RFID Authorization: The IoT model allows users to set charging authorization rights through RFID.
    Separate Control System: The EV charger's control system is isolated from the power, extending the charger's lifespan.
  • Leakage Current Protection: The device is equipped with a 6mA direct current leakage protection system for safety.
  • Leakage Current Protection: External devices can be installed for AC 30mA Type A leakage current protection.
  • Lightning Protection: External devices can be added to protect against lightning strikes, safeguarding both the vehicle and the charger during charging.
  • Material and Heat Dissipation: The charger is made of sturdy Aluminum, minimizing heat accumulation and ensuring durability.
  • Communication Features: The IoT model communicates with users through WiFi and Modbus TCP, enabling the creation of a cost management system and building automation by integrating charging data.
    Individual Unit Usage: When using a single unit, users can connect to the charger via the installed WiFi. Users can access the charger's operating data and track their electricity usage through the provided web application (exclusive to the IoT model).

  • The EV Charger's web application is designed for ease of use, featuring functionalities for configuration, access rights management, and charging performance reporting. Specifically, in the IoT model
  • The EV Charger's web application in the IoT model includes a user-specific charging history report, offering detailed information about each user's charging sessions.



BLUESTONE EV Charger is an AC Charger with a maximum power of 22kW, supporting 1-phase and 3-phase home electricity.

The design of the charger is minimalist. petite But hidden in a modern and modern style, we have up to 8 colors to choose from to meet the lifestyle needs of all types of users. As for the material, the device is made of good quality aluminum, does not rust, strong, durable, and also helps to cool the device while charging well. There is also an LED light that shows the charger's usage status. Comes with a Type2 charger that can be used with electric cars in Thailand. There is a cable length of up to 7 meters. There is a 2-year warranty for the device. The charger can be installed both inside and outside the building. It is waterproof, rainproof, and resistant to various weather conditions. Once installed, it can be used. immediately

The EV3 electric car charger is an AC charger with a maximum power of 22 kW, supporting both 1-phase and 3-phase home power. The charger is manufactured according to IEC standards.

Electric car charger that we can set the right to use the charger by ourselves. By setting the right through the application of the machine directly

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Many people may wonder why the charger cable that comes with the electric car only gives 8 A, although the On-Board Charger of the car supports up to 16 A or some cars may go up to 32 A. The answer is safety and fire prevention.

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