Capacitor bank, KNK 3053, 400V/ 10 kVar


SKU : KNK 3053, 400V/ 10 kVar

Dimension DxH (mm): 75x210 Standards: IEC/EN 60831-1/2 Rated Reactive Power (Qn): 10 kVar Rated Voltage (Un): 400 V Rated current (In): 14.4 A


Iskra Capacitor for low voltage
Model: KNK 3053: 400V / 10 kVar
Dimension DxH (mm): 90x210

Iskra Capacitor imported from Salovania meets international safety quality standards !! The equipment is seamless, that is, the equipment is seamless. For safety inside there is an Over Pressure Disconnect which the device can cut itself off. In case of problems with the device itself Also, the inner material is Resin Dry Type, so you can be assured of safety in use.

- Improve the Power Factor to the standard level
- Save electricity bill
- seamless device Increase safety
- Do not waste space in installation.

* The conditions are as specified by the company.
* 1 year product warranty, can issue tax invoice

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