VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+0


SKU : 2800189

Surge Arrester, Lightning/surge arrester type 1/2, Universal varistor-based plug-in lightning/surge arrester for 3-phase power supply networks..


3 Phase Surge Arrester, Type l+ll, 12.5kA/Pole (10/350µs)
Model: VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+0 - 2800189

อุปกรณ์ป้องกันฟ้าผ่า ไฟกระโชก ( SPD ) จาก Phoenix Contact / Germany

Type l+ll combined lightning current and surge arrester


  • Seamless pluggability (even for N/PE spark gap)
  • Secure hold of plugs in the event of high lightning current loads and strong vibration, thanks to new latching
  • Thermal disconnect device for each individual plug
  • Optical, mechanical status indication for the individual arresters
  • With or without floating remote indication contact
  • Mechanical coding of all slots

Technical data:

  • IEC Category/EN type: l+ll, T1+T2
  • Nominal Voltage Un: 240/415 VAC
  • Max.continuous voltage Uc: 335 VAC
  • Max. Discharge Current (8/20µs) Imax: 50 kA
  • Nominal Discharge Current (8/20µs) In: 12.5 kA
  • Impulse Discharge Current (10/350us) limp: 12.5 kA
  • Voltage Protection Level Up: ≤ 1.2 kV
  • Response Time tA: ≤ 25 ns
  • Follow Current Interrupt Rating Ifi: -
  • Short-Circuit Current Rating ISCCR: 25 kA
  • Degree of Protection: IP20
  • Mounting Type: DIN rail 35mm.
  • Conductor cross section: 1.5...35 mm²
  • Ambient Temperature (Operation): -40°C...80°C
  • Remote Alarm Contact: Optional

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