Surge Protection พร้อมระบบ Monitoring


Surge Protection Surge protection equipment set For a 3 Phase electrical system with a Monitoring system, it consists of a surge protection device (Phoenix Contact) and a Backup Fuse. It comes with a Monitoring system which can display the number of times. and shows the severity of the electrical surge entering the system.

There is also an LED showing the status of the SPD and Backup Fuse Status Output. It can be connected to a PLC or BAS system for recording the number of times a power surge has occurred. In the event of a surge of electricity entering the system There is a flashing warning light. To make users aware that a surge of electricity has occurred.

  • Can tell the severity of the surge at no less than 5 severity levels between 250A - 5000A
  • There are lights to show the status of Surge Protection and Fuse.
        GREEN LED Status “OK”
        RED LED Status “Fail”
  • There is a Buzzer Alarm in case the Surge Protection is damaged or the Fuse is broken.
  • There is a light showing in case a new Surge comes in.
  • There is an Acknowledge button to turn off the indicator light and buzzer sound.
  • Pulse can be sent while a surge occurs to the BAS system to record the number and time of the surge.



Surge Protection Box
Surge Socket Outlet
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