KNX Push Button

      Switch your home to the future with the KNX system from  Berker. Your installer will route a bus cable parallel to the  230 V cable, which will connect the switch to thermostats,  motion sensors, lights and other components. This means you can control all those components flexibly and comfortably.

Berker B.IQ
      Seize the opportunity to control a wide variety household functions, such as heating and blinds, from a single multiple pushbutton sensor. It is not only extremely well laid out, but also creates an architectural line. 

       Up to 9 freely programmable functions.The KNX thermostat is as versatile as its operating concept is unique: Below the 1.93" TFT colour display is an easy-to-use control strip, which, for the first time, is combined with pressure-sensitive media options.

Berker touch control
      The KNX touch control is a room control unit and a thermostat in one. It combines the look of a flat screen with the feel of a touch pad, inspired by how you usually use your smartphone.

Berker touch sensors R.1/R.3
       The switch programmes in the R.-Design are the Berker Touch  in a soft (R.1) and cornered (R.3) contour as well as in the glass surfaces black and polar white. The Touch Sensor KNX has the same assembly height as the switches in the R.-Design. With its integrated bus coupling unit, a variety of building functions can be read and controlled through it.

Berker TS / Crystal / Ball
      Compatible with the switches in the Berker R. design lines, Berker KNX touch and pushbutton sensors are available in soft and angular lines and in black and polar-white glass. 

Berker TS sensor
       A range of technical possibilities are hiding behind the elegant, minimalist exterior of the pushbuttons.

Berker push button
      This remoulded entry-level model in the KNX world looks like a switch, but it can control a number of different things. Furthermore, the KNX bus coupler pushbutton can also be fitted with two control rockers, which doubles the number of functions it can perform.