Power Factor Correction

    The KNK capacitors are used for power factor correction of inductive consumers (transformers, electric motors, rectifiers) in industrial networks for voltages power factor correction capacitors can achieve savings by lowering power factor,Improve efficiencies on power system,power factor correction,harmonic voltage,system capacity release andreduced system losses.

  Project Reference Capacitors Iskra  

PFC capacitors for low voltage
Type KNK 
    KNX capacitors are use for Improving power factor which may be used in Independent installation or control through automatic of PF control devices (PF Controller relay).

Power factor control relay
    The power factor regulators, (PFCmax 6 and PFCmax 12) will measure the cosϕ in a supply network and control the connection and disconnection of power capacitors in order to regulate such parameter.

Capacitors duty contactors
    Switching of capacitors in systems for compensation of reactive energy.