High Voltage Fuse 3/7.2kV, 192mm.,80A


SKU : 30 010 13.80

Rated Current: 80A, Dimeter (D): 67 mm, Rated Breaking Current: 63kA, Min Breaking Current: 280A

หมวดหมู่ : FUSE High Voltage Fuse: 3/7.2kV, 192mm.


High Voltage Fuse 3/7.2kV, 192mm.,80A

Variant Dimension:
Application with Temperature Limiter
HV Back-up Fuse Links for Indoor and Outdoor Mounting

Back-up Class, IEC 60282-1, DIN 43 625, VDE 0670-4

Rated Current: 80A
Article No.: 30 010 13.80
Dimeter (D): 67 mm
Rated Breaking Current: 63kA
Min Breaking Current: 280A

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