Surge Protection For Power Supply

      Our surge protective devices of type 1+2, type 2 and type 3 provide effective protection for your electronic devices. Our product range features convenient, ready-to-install solutions for all of your applications.
Surge Protective Device Box Set
Surge Arrester 3Phase 4Wire 400/230V / Fuse monitoring, Healthy status indicator, Surge counter, buzzer alarm,Remote monitoring
Type 1/2 Surge Protective Device
 Integrated combination of spark gap without line follow current and surge-proof fuse.
Type 1/2 Surge Protective Device
Spark gap has no line follow current.

Type 1+2 Combined Surge Protective Device
 Directly coordinated combination of type 1 spark gap without line follow current and type 2 varistor arrester.
Type 2 Surge Protective Devices
Single-channel, DIN-rail mountable protective devices.

Type 3 Surge Protection Device

Can be used without separate backup fuse thanks to integrated overcurrent protection.

Lightning/surge Arrester Type 1/2

Free of leakage current/no line follow current.