All-round safety with the protective circuit

The protective circuit principle defines complete protection against surge voltages. An imaginary circle is drawn around the devices,
plants or systems to be protected. Surge protective devices that correspond to the nominal data of the
relevant power supply or signal type should be installed at all points where cables intersect this circle. In order to provide objects with
consistent protection against conducted surge voltage couplings, the following areas should be taken into consideration:


   Power Supply: Optimally coordinated arresters for supplies, distributors and terminal devices safeguard the power supply.

   Measuring & Control: Optimized arresters are available for a wide range of signal types and measuring principles.

   Data & Communication: High-speed protection (CAT.6+) for data and communication technology.

   Transceiver Systems: So that private mobile radio and mobile communication as well as satellite or radio systems have reception whatever the weather.