Thermostat with or without integrated pushbutton sensor function

    The KNX thermostat is as versatile as its operating concept is unique: Below the 1.93" TFT colour display is an easy-to-use control strip, which, for the first time, is combined with pressure-sensitive media options.



    The KNX thermostat with pushbutton sensor functions (room controller) is inserted into a conventional plug socket, making it quick and easy to install. Complemented by surrounds and cover plates from the chosen design line, its form fits perfectly into the overall picture. Technical features: In addition to controlling the room temperature, the KNX room controller can also control the air conditioning and numerous other functions. The sensor surface for swiping and tapping the controller is inspired by how you normally use your smartphone. Its black design display also offers particularly good readability and an extra-large temperature and status display (with icons). With the KNX room controller, you can also easily create timed room temperature profiles. That is not only exceptionally convenient, but saves a significant amount of energy. What's more, you can start a specific holiday program for when you are away for an extended period to keep the heating low during that time. This will prevent your rooms from going completely cold.


Design: Black design display compatible with the switches specified above External dimensions: See relevant design line (1x) Functions: Up to 9 freely programmable functions.