How is it good to use an electric car?

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How is it good to use an electric car?

How good are electric cars?

The engine works quietly. Electric cars use battery power for internal propulsion, so they do not cause combustion. Different from a combustion engine Makes the operating sound of the car many times quieter than cars that use gasoline. And electric cars do not have a gear reduction process. Thus allowing the driver to accelerate as desired.

Save money Electric vehicles Helps save a lot of costs compared to using fuel-powered cars. Both maintenance costs are cheaper. Because electric cars have less complicated parts to work with. Propulsion is just an electric motor and battery. Motorized braking system Helps increase friction while braking, making various parts of the system works less Less wear and tear And of course, maintenance costs are lower as well.

Protect the environment when there is no combustion. There is no pollution. With electric cars, no ignition is required to drive. causing no pollution Because there is no exhaust gas from burning energy like a combustion engine.

You can charge the battery at home. Because sometimes queuing to fill up with fuel It can make you irritated. With the number of cars parked and waiting in long queues. But with an electric car, you can charge the battery at home. No need to wait in line with anyone. It's also convenient, not having to keep an eye on it. You can charge it even when you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, your car will be ready for use.

And with all this goodness Therefore making many countries around the world Everyone is advocating for the use of electric cars, whether in the United States, Norway, China, Germany, England, or even in Thailand. There are already some preparations to support the use of electric cars, such as installing charging stations at various points. both in Bangkok and other provinces

Another important aspect that should not be overlooked is the use of electric cars. Selecting charging equipment Because if you use a charger that is not suitable for your car It may cause damage to your car. Especially if you want to install a charger for use at home. Even more, there must be an expert giving advice. Both in terms of charger and installation Because if you install a charger that is not compatible with the current at home Yes, only your car will be damaged. But it may affect the electrical system in your home and cause damage to the entire house.

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