BLUESTONE EV Charger The EV3 is an AC charger with a maximum power rating of 22kW, designed to accommodate both single-phase and three-phase household power. It is suitable for residential use as well as public charging stations. The charger is equipped with comprehensive features and adheres to the IEC61851-1 and IEC61851-21-2 standards.

Furthermore, it is designed to withstand water and dust, meeting the IP65 protection level. Additionally, it has earned the energy-saving label with a rating of 5. This makes it an energy-efficient choice for electric vehicle charging.

The BLUESTONE EV3 electric vehicle charger is available in both the basic model and the IoT model, which comes with built-in WiFi for added convenience. This feature enhances user convenience by allowing them to remotely control the charging process, check the charging status, schedule charging times, and set charging currents. Additionally, users can access historical charging data for calculating electricity usage costs through a web application on their smartphones.

Moreover, the IoT model provides RFID functionality, allowing users to manage access rights independently. This means that the charger owner can grant and control access permissions using RFID technology.

In summary, the BLUESTONE EV3 offers versatile functionality, combining the basic model for standard use and the IoT model for advanced features such as WiFi connectivity and RFID access management.

The BLUESTONE EV Charger, with its all-in-one functionality, ensures user-friendly and convenient operation. It offers a seamless charging experience with comprehensive safety features integrated for complete protection. The charger is designed to be easy to use, providing a convenient and secure solution for electric vehicle charging.

The professional team at BLUESTONE is dedicated to providing assistance, guidance, and installation services. They ensure that the installation complies with electrical standards, offering users peace of mind and reliable support throughout their electric vehicle charging experience.
  • Upon plugging in the charger, it immediately displays the charging status, energy consumption, allows for setting charging schedules, and configuring the appropriate charging current.
  • In addition, users can view historical charging data through the Web application, a feature exclusive to the IoT model.
  • For the IoT model, the charger can be connected to Ethernet/Internet, enabling external monitoring. RFID functionality is available, allowing users to manage access rights independently.
  • The Aluminum Enclosure aids in heat dissipation during charging, reducing heat buildup within the device.
  • Users also have the option to choose the charger's color, providing a customizable aspect to the charging solution.


  • It is an electric vehicle charger with a power rating of 22 kW for 3 Phase 32 A and 7.4 kW for Single Phase 32 A. The design is intended to support both residential use and public charging applications.
  • Install a user authentication system to grant charging authorization via RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) for the IoT model specifically.
  • The material is Aluminum, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It features LEDs to indicate the operational status of the charger, including POWER, CONNECT, CHARGE, and ERROR.



  • Select the charging current mode with a maximum of 16 A or 32 A (exclusive to the IoT model).
  • It is possible to adjust the charging current, ranging from 6 to 16 A or 6 to 32 A, using a mobile device to tailor it according to usage needs (exclusive to the IoT model).
  • Charging authorization rights can be set through RFID technology, exclusive to the IoT model.
  • The EV Charger's control system is separated from the electrical power, extending the lifespan of the EV Charger.
  • A device for protecting against direct current leakage at 6mA has been installed to ensure safety for life and property.
  • There is an additional external device for protecting against AC leakage current at 30mA Type A for added safety.
  • There is an external supplementary device to protect against surges caused by lightning, safeguarding both the vehicle and the charger in the event of a lightning strike while charging.
  • The material is robust and durable aluminum, reducing heat buildup internally and preventing heat accumulation.
  • Install communication equipment to facilitate communication between users and the charger, utilizing WiFi and Modbus TCP. This enables the use of charging data for expense management and building control (exclusive to the IoT model).
  • In the case of using a single unit, users can connect to the charger through the pre-installed WiFi. Users can then read the machine's operational data and user electricity consumption information through the provided Web application (exclusive to the IoT model).

  • The EV Charger's Web Application is designed for ease of use, facilitating configuration, user privilege settings, and generating charge reports. The application displays energy values during charging, the current used, charging status, and error reports in case of issues during charging. This includes information about the charger, power output, total charging time, and time intervals for charging. These details can be utilized to calculate charging expenses per session or on a monthly basis. Note that these features are available exclusively for the IoT model.
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