Voltage Monitoring Relay,E1YM400VS10 : 1CO


SKU : 1340405.

Voltage monitoring 1- or 3-phase; Multifunction; monitoring of phase failure; monitoring of phase sequence selectabel; 1 CO; Adjustable delay


Voltage Monitoring Relay: ENYA Series
Model: E1YM400VS10: 1 CO-1340405

Abnormal Voltage Monitoring Relay, 3-phase and 1-phase, E1YM series.

Multiple functions to choose from (Multifunction) Over / Under, Under, Phase Sequence
Overpressure can be adjusted from 80% to 130% of Un.
Adjustable pressure drop level from 70% to 120% of Un.
Check reverse phase and phase loss.
Check the existence of the string neutrals.
Adjustable level of Delay Time and Trip interval from 0.1-10 seconds.
There is a light indicating the cause of the trip Min, Max, Seq.
Can withstand 4 kV surge voltage

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