Temperature Monitoring Relay, G2TF01 230VAC : 1 CO


SKU : 2390102

Functions:Temperature monitoring; Short circuit monitoring; Zero-volt latch; 1 CO,GAMMA Series, Power Modules Available: TR2XXC


Temperature Monitoring Relay, GAMMA Series
Model: G2TF01 230VAC : 1 CO - 2390102
Power Modules Available: TR2XXC

Temperature monitoring relay, model G2TF

- Check the temperature is over
- Connect with a maximum of 6 PTC Probe
- Separate measuring circuit and turn signal
- You can select the power supply voltage through TR2.
- There is a light to show the cause of the Trip Failure.
- can withstand 4 kV surge voltage
- There is a short-circuit monitoring system in the measuring circuit (G2TFKNO2).
- Output Latch in case Power Supply = 0 (G2TFKNO2)

Functions: Temperature monitoring; Short circuit monitoring; Zero-volt latch; 2 CO

* Price excludes Power Supply Module TR2XXC
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