beAver Socket 3-pin socket outlets


SKU : A7-3020/IW

beAver Socket Dual Power Outlet A7-3020/IW 3-pin socket, TIS 166-2549 standard

Categories : beAver Switch - A7 Series

Brand : beAver


beAver Socket Dual Power Outlet 3 pin socket
Model: A7-3020/IW

  • Socket that supports 16 A current (TIS 824-2551 standard)
  • The device can be replaced separately. (Do not change the whole set)
  • The interior space is wider than before, convenient for wiring inside the device
  • Only 15 mm thin, thinner than general floating switches
  • Made from non-flammable Polyamide material
  • The material is highly flexible, good impact resistance.
  • Received the IEC60669 standard

Line: @bluestonethailand

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