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Berker switches & systems
Berker is a design leader from German switch manufacturers which offers a high-quality portfolio of switch series and intelligent building technology

Berker switches and systems are in use all over the world, making life more beautiful, easier and more comfortable. We place the utmost emphasis on quality, design and innovation. This is confirmed by the numerous awards we have received both at home and abroad

Berker is a leading supplier of high-quality electrical installations – from timelessly classic switch design through to intelligent building management systems. All new developments are created with just one thing in mind our customer. After all, we want our products to make them feel good for decades to come. With Berker, you not only offer your customers products to suit every taste, you also offer your customers the latest state of the art.

STYLISH STANDARD Berker S.1 stands for "Standard" in two different aspects: on the one hand, because this switch range has set real standards in the fields of elegance, functionality and timelessness. On the other hand, because these qualities have made it a popular standard in offices and homes.

PERCEPTIBLE DIFFERENCE You notice the difference the first time you touch it: thanks to its innovative surface, this likable all-rounder has an unmistakable velvety feel – and in elegant anthracite now in an additional attractive colour variant.. With its smooth profile, flat switching angle and soft, rounded edges, it is very pleasant to look at

ROBUST COMPANION robust. Hardly any term describes the Berker Q.3 better. On one hand, there is its clear contour, on another its scratch-resistant and friendly surface. It is equipped with the same centre plates as its sister programme Berker Q.1. Its functional benefits are also noteworthy: the Berker Q.3 is ideally suited to installations in wall ducts

AN ALL-ROUND SUCCESS It stands unmistakably in the tradition of great switch ranges. And still, the Berker R.1 interprets the round radius anew in its own way. With its soft frame contour and a variety of functional versions, the soft round switch is an accompaniment for all residential and furnishing projects

CLEAR CONTRAST The Berker R.3 celebrates the power of contrast: we combine round centre plates with a continuously angular frame. Superb side-effect: The Berker R.3 is ideally suited for installation in wall ducts.


SIMPLY PERFECT No other switch is more contoured, shaped or more cultivated. Thus the Berker K.1 is the logical choice for any classic interior - and an investment which will pay dividends for years. And, with its IP44 equipment, even the moisture of bathrooms, cellars or outside rooms has no effect

COOL CLASSIC Profiled, contoured, sleek: the Berker K.5 and its sister programme, Berker K.1, are perfect examples for straight designs. It gets better: the Berker K.5 is now also available in fully-anodised aluminium, as well as in its classic stainless steel variant

Versatile aesthetics No two properties are the same. Every interior is different. And therefore the switch concept must be unique as well. Available in a wide selection of materials and surfaces, Berker Arsys range fits well into almost any ambience. But it always remains true to itself

PERFECT COMBINATION Contrasts enrich life, and, with B.3, contrasts are essentially built in. Highly-individual combinations can be created from a wide range of frame variants with polar white and anthracite rockers and central inserts. An absolute innovation are the B.3 frames, made of black, brown, gold or red anodised aluminium

TIMELESS TRANSPARENCY Gives every switch the right frame: In addition to glass frame varieties, the Berker B.7 is now available with plastic, stainless steel and aluminium frames. This version is a harmonious addition to the switches of the Berker TS Sensor and Berker B.IQ ranges.


CREATIVE ALL-ROUNDER To the convenient KNX functions of the Berker B.IQ is now added a wide array of alternative materials. For example, the surface variants and colours in black glass and aluminium are completely new. They correspond exactly to the surfaces of the Berker B.7, which, with its switches and socket outlets, is an ideal partner for the Berker B.IQ.

INTELLIGENTE UNDERSTATEMENT Understatement is an art, and the Berker TS Sensor makes it perfect. Up to eight functions are concealed under a pure surface that is practically flush with the wall, and can be custom-labelled on request. A single touch is all it takes to control lights, heating or blinds. Thus the Berker TS Sensor can offer an exciting range of options - yet still remains as calm as possible.

INTELLIGENTE UNDERSTATEMENT Just right for the switch programmes in the R.-Design are the Berker Touch and push-buttons- now in a soft (R.1) and cornered (R.3) contour as well as in the glass surfaces black and polar white. The Touch Sensor KNX has the same assembly height as the switches in the R.-Design. With its integrated bus coupling unit, a variety of building functions can be read and controlled through it.

NOBLE GESTURE Behind its elegantly purist exterior, there is an unexpected wealth of technical options: the Berker TS allows operation, not only of multiple light sources, but, if so desired, also of intelligent building control systems, such as Berker KNX or Berker Radio Bus.

A REAL EYECATCHER The Berker TS Crystal is the crystaline version of the Berker TS with glas platform and knobs made of CRYSTALLIZED© - Swarovski elements. The colouring can be specified individually for each switch

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