Article - EV Charger

The EV3 electric car charger is an AC charger with a maximum power of 22 kW, supporting both 1-phase and 3-phase home power. The charger is manufactured according to IEC standards.

Electric car charger that we can set the right to use the charger by ourselves. By setting the right through the application of the machine directly

Choose to build a charging station with a small investment. Quick payback with direct charger manufacturers with an experienced installation team and system development team

Many people may wonder why the charger cable that comes with the electric car only gives 8 A, although the On-Board Charger of the car supports up to 16 A or some cars may go up to 32 A. The answer is safety and fire prevention.

many countries around the world They all supported the use of electric cars. Whether it's the United States, Norway, China, Germany, England, or even Thailand.

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