Power Factor Improvement

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Power Factor Improvement

Definition of Power Factor

From the definition of power factor show that Which electrical system has a low power factor? that is the ratio between power Reactive or virtual power (kV) to actual power (kW) is high, which will cause losses in both the electrical system and the consumer.

Therefore, the efficiency of the power supply In the case of a system with a low power factor is lower than the system that has high power assembly This is because a voltage drop may occur. The electric current in the power system is higher. and causing more power loss in the electrical system which we can use this power factor It can be a measure of the efficiency of the electricity supply.

The reason for the need to improve the power factor to be higher

Electrical equipment with low power factor As a result, the power distribution system is of low quality as well. This is because the benefits to be gained from the actual power (kilowatts) in the electrical system are lower. As a result, the Electricity Authority needs to increase the size of distribution equipment and transmission equipment. To be able to support the amount of electricity that is not needed or reactive (kilovar) that occurs with which is not good for the country as a whole

How can we improve the power factor to be higher?

We can achieve a higher power factor by installing a capacitor (capacitor) which supplies reactive power (kilovar) instead of a generator. and electrical devices that create a magnetic field that generates reactive power The reactive power supplied by the power source or power will be reduced or depleted depending on the amount of power supplied by the capacitor.

Benefit to people and the environment When the value is adjusted, the Power Factor/PF improvement can reduce power loss and increase the load carrying capacity of devices. has increased for both the users of electricity, distribution systems, transmission systems and generators, which will save electricity users and the nation as a whole, thereby contributing to the conservation of electricity, which can be considered To conserve electric energy can be summarized as follows.

Benefits to Electricity Consumers
1. Able to save reactive power costs (kilovars), which consumers with a power factor lower than 0.85 will have to pay a fine. The power factor charge is at the rate of 56.07 baht/kilovar, which when the power consumer adjusts the power factor value to more than 0.85, the power user can save on this part of the electricity bill.
2. Electricity users can save investment in expanding the power system. This is because when the power factor is improved, it will increase the ability of the cables and transformers to carry more loads.
3. Once the power factor has been adjusted This will reduce the power loss in the power lines and transformers and the voltage drop will be less. (Voltage is better)

The above results will bring benefits to electricity users who can save electricity bills. It also increases the efficiency of the electrical system's power distribution. that can be clearly expressed in concrete

Public interest
1. Improving the power factor value to more than 0.85 will make the system equipment. In the electrical system can supply more electric power. It will save investment in expanding the power system.
2. The consequence of improving the overall power factor is that electricity can be saved. by reducing the loss Electricity generated due to the reduction of electricity costs in transmission lines and equipment in the electricity distribution system of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. Provincial Electricity Authority and Electricity Generating This can save the country's overall electricity bill. / Reference information by : www.mea.or.th

Because improving the power factor (Power Factor) is important to the efficiency of electricity use. especially electrical machinery It also helps reduce excess expenses. and also to conserve energy

Every factory installs a Capacitor Bank to improve the power quality in the factory. and to improve the Power Factor to a standard level To prevent the factory from being charged the power factor from electricity

Iskra, the largest professional capacitor bank manufacturer in Europe. with the potential of modern technology And the readiness of the industry Iskra is determined to develop products that are strong and durable. standard quality Safe for users

Iskra Capacitor bank Dry Type (Filled with non PCB polyurethane resin) suitable for power factor improvement applications. It has a special feature of Over Pressure Disconnect that can cut itself off the system in case of malfunction. Normally, there is a Polypropylene film that acts as an electric charge. and insulated with resin packed in a seamless aluminum case that is prone to splitting Comes with Power factor controller and Magnetic contactor for complete operation

Discharge Resistor Capacitor It should be discharged to less than or equal to 10% voltage before being used again. that can reduce the voltage to 75 V within 3 minutes

Bluestone distributes capacitors. bank with Power Factor, Controller and Magnetic contactors from Iskra quality products Standards imported from Slovenia and have expert engineers ready to advise you. Both product and installation.

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