Power Factor Improvement

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Power Factor Improvement

Definition of Power F actor.

From the definition of power factor Demonstrate which power system has a low power factor. That is the power ratio.Reactive or virtual power (kilovars) to real power (kilowatts) is high, which will cause losses in both the power system and of the consumers themselves.

Therefore, the efficiency of the electricity supply In the case of systems with low power factor Will be lower than systems that have High power assembly. This may be due to a voltage drop. The electric current is higher. And cause more power loss in the electrical system So we can use this power factor. It can be a measure of the efficiency of the electrical supply.

Why should a higher power factor be improved?

Electrical equipment with low power factor As a result, the power distribution system is of poor quality as well. This is because the benefits that will be gained from the actual power (kW) in the electrical system are lower. This caused the power utilities to increase the size of distribution and transmission equipment higher. To be able to handle the unnecessary or reactive power (kilovar) that occurs with Which is not good for the nation as a whole

How can we improve the Power Factor?

We can achieve a higher power factor by installing an electric capacitor (capacitor) that powers the reactive power (kilovars) instead of the generator.Therefore, when electrolytic capacitors and electromagnetic devices producing reactive power (eg motor) are connected, the reactive power supplied from the power source or power Reduced or gone It depends on the amount of power supplied by the capacitor.

Benefit to people and the environment When the power factor is adjusted.

Improving the power factor (PF) can reduce power losses and increase the load capacity of various devices.For both power users, distribution systems, transmission systems and generators This will save electricity consumption of electricity users and of the nation as a whole. This will save electricity consumption of electricity users and of the nation as a whole. This will lead to the conservation of electric energy, which can be considered the ability to conserve electric energy, summarized as follows.

Benefits to Power Users

1. Can save reactive power cost (kilowar) The consumer who has a power factor lower than 0.85 will have to pay a penalty. Power factor at the rate of 56.07 baht / kWh. When the consumer adjusts the power factor to be greater than 0.85, the consumer can save on this part of the electricity bill.

2. Electricity users can save their investment in expanding the power system. When the power factor is improved, it increases the capacity of power lines and transformers to carry more loads.

3. When the power factor has been adjusted. This will reduce the power loss in the power lines and transformers. Also, the voltage drop will be less. (Better voltage)

Which the above effects will bring benefits to power users That can save electricity bills down. And also to increase the efficiency of the power supply of the power system That can be expressed as a clear concrete.


Benefits to the public

1. Improving the power factor to more than 0.85 will make various equipment systems. In the electrical system can supply more electric power. This will save investment in expanding the power system.

2.The effect that occurs when the total power factor is adjusted is save electricity. Which can reduce the loss Electricity generated due to the reduction in electricity costs in transmission lines and equipment in the electricity distribution system of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. Provincial Electricity Authority And the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Which can save the country's overall electricity cost (refer to information by : www.mea.or.th)

 Because improving the power factor is important to the efficiency of electricity use especially electrical machinery. It also helps to reduce excess expenses. And to conserve energy as well.

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