Solar Monitoring Software

Monitoring Central Service easy to use at your fingertips!! Can be used through a variety of devices, whether it's a Mac, Tablet, iPad, PC or even a mobile phone. Support both Android and iOS systems, just connect to the Internet, you can monitor anywhere, anytime.
Convenient and easy to use with the following functions:
1. Support connection of Digital Input/Output and Analog Input/Output according to customer requirements.
2. Support to connect String Inverter, Central Inverter, Battery Charger.
3. Support to connect String Combiner Box, Array Junction Box.
4. Supports connection to Weather Station and other sensors as standard protocols.
5. Support to connect Power Quality Meter, Revenue Meter, Protection Relay
6. Solar Monitoring Software is designed using flexible Web-Based Application standards. and has high security
7. Solar Monitoring Software is an Open License and Unlimited TAG type.
8. Supports 15 years of data storage and can generate historical reports in Excel format.
9. Support 1 minute high resolution data storage or set the recording interval.
10. Supports simultaneous access to the monitoring system for 25 users and can set access rights independently.
11. Support high resolution realtime display.
12. Display results in line graphs, bar graphs, electric energy data produced per day, per month, per year.
13. Can display a chart or Single Line Diagram of the system
14. Show the energy produced equivalent to CO2, Gas.
16. The generated energy curve can be displayed compared to the light intensity. to see the overall performance of the system
17. PR ratio can be calculated according to the IEC EN 61724 standard formula.
18. Able to send notification of incidents via Application Line or E-mail
19. Can be accessed from all devices such as Smart Phone, PC, Tablet without installing additional programs. and can be accessed from standard web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox
Engineering Software For Solar Monitoring System
Able to extract data from Power Quaility Meter, Protection Relay, Weather Station Inverter and display real time results according to the format that customers want.
Overall view of the system Quickly check the system
Show Single line or Diagram of the whole system with various statuses and can also command control by being able to set different permission levels
Generate reports easily
can view the history of energy bills Value history According to the needs of customers and with Weather forcast can forecast the weather in advance. in the report section Customers can customize the format of the report to meet their needs.
Daily Report
The results are displayed in the form of a bar graph. or line graph with the resolution of the data according to the recording interval according to the given information

Plant map
In case the customer has multiple plant solar plants, an overview of every plant can be displayed in a map format for easy monitoring.
Tendanalysisand Custom chart
Data comparison function This makes it possible to compare the data at the desired time. to find consistency or inconsistency of the information can be data for analysis or predicting potential problems
Project Reference Solar Monitoring
Solar Rooftop : Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters
Site Quality:  3 Sites
Capacity: 1.85 MW
  • Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Nonthaburi Province
  • Military Craftsmanship School Bangkok
  • Military Preparatory School, Nakhon Nayok Province

COD: 2018



Solar Rooftop : Thai Nichi Lamphun Province

Site Quality:  2 Sites
Capacity: 321.68 kW
Location: Lamphun Thailand
COD: 2020


Solar Farm: B.Grimm Power Public (Chondan, Chachoengsao, Lat Krabang, Nong Chok)

Site Quality:  4 Sites
Capacity: 15.83  MW

  • Chondan, Phetchabun Province
  • Chachoengsao Province
  • Bangkok

COD: 2018


Solar Farm: COE (Conservation of Energy) Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi Province

Site Quality:  32 Sites
Capacity: 18 MW
Location: Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi Province
COD: 2015


Solar Farm: PEN Vietnam

Site Quality:  1 Site
Capacity: 12 MW
Location: Vietnam
COD: 2019



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