QUINT4-PS 3AC 24DC 40A Power supply


SKU : 2904623

Current: 40A Watt: 960Wat Input Voltage: 380VAC Output Voltage: 24VDC

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Power supply unit - QUINT4-PS/3AC/24DC/40 - 2904623

Current: 40A
Watt: 960Wat
Input Voltage: 380VAC
Output Voltage: 24VDC

Primary-switched QUINT POWER power supply with free choice of output characteristic curve, SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology, and NFC interface, input: 3-phase, output: 24 V DC/40 A

The fourth generation of the high-performance QUINT POWER power supplies ensures superior system availability by means of new functions. Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves can be individually adjusted via the NFC interface.
The unique SFB technology and preventive function monitoring of the QUINT POWER power supply increase the availability of your application.

Your advantages

  • Most powerful output side: easy system expansion, reliable heavy load startup and miniature circuit breaker tripping
  • Most robust input side: high noise immunity, thanks to integrated gas-filled surge arrester (up to 6 kV) and ≥ 20 ms mains failure buffer time
  • Most comprehensive signaling: preventive function monitoring reports critical operating states before errors occur
    Available pre-configured: from a batch quantity of just 1

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