Home & Building Automation System

Make life easier with modern technology. Helps increase comfort. It is safe for both life and property. With KNX, the home automation

smart home innovation Control operations through an application that can be used with computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can control central functions such as doors or lighting for each room, each floor, or for the entire building. Everything in the installation can be managed from a single, convenient point. Automation times can be set. Easy control at your fingertips. even if outside the house

The KNX smart home system, the home automation system, has a full range of functions to choose from. Whether it's a function used in...

  • Control the lighting system within the home or building, including turning on-off or turning on-dim the lights (Dimmer).
  • Controlling the opening and closing of curtains and doors
  • Control the air conditioning system (Air Conditioning System)
  • Motion detection which can be used together while saving energy and anti-theft system
  • Automatically set working time, Scene command increases safety. Because it uses only 29V dc power.
  • Control work via Remote Control, Tablet, iPad, Smart Phone. Supports both IOS and Android systems.
  • Connect to CCTV cameras to monitor your home. or building via the Internet
  • Keeps improving Fixing your home's electrical system is easy. Just edit the program
  • Can control work with voice commands


… manage your comfort with your fingertips, or let tebis KNX do it for you!!



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