Fuse It is an electronic device that is considered very important in electrical circuits. because it helps to prevent damage to the circuit It acts as an automatic cut-off. When a short-circuit current occurs or excessive current flows.
At present, fuses are designed to suit each type of application in order to increase the efficiency of work in a variety of ways. And also to control the work more comfortably But today we will talk about industrial fuses.
Industrial fuses are divided into 2 main types.
High Voltage Fuse: high voltage fuse divided by usage The most commonly used in our home will be
  • Fuses for Transformers Protection
  • Fuse for Motor Protection
  • Fuse for Capacitor Protection
which the three types mentioned above There will be voltage and current to choose. as appropriate for the nature of use The most commonly used voltage has 4 levels: 3-7.2 KV, 6-12 KV, 10-24 KV and 20-36 KV, the current will depend on the size of the equipment that we have to protect.

Low Voltage Fuse: Low-voltage fuses are divided into four types according to their usage:
  • NH Fuse Class gG,gL: It is used for "overcurrent protection" or "short circuit protection" which is suitable for general electrical protection work. which can withstand short-circuit current up to 120kA
  • NH Fuse Class aM: used for motor which is suitable for the job "Motor protection" in particular, which can withstand short-circuit currents up to 120kA
  • uR Fuse หรือ Ultra Rapid Fuse: It is used for "protection of SCR, Transistor or electronic semiconductor devices" which are fast acting fuses. Fast Acting Fuse can withstand short-circuit current up to 100kA.
  • gPV Fuse: Used for solar panels (Solar Cell), which is a DC voltage can withstand a short circuit current of up to 30 kA.


"Bluestone" imports and distributes SIBA fuses, which are high quality fuses. International safety standards imported from Germany Interested in good quality fuses or need advice? Whether in the Spec Fuse or the selection of various applications Contact us We have a team of engineers ready to give advice to everyone with pleasure.


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