Terminal Blocks

The main problem that is often encountered in the wiring between devices is that tangled wires Looks messy Terminal Blocks are devices designed to help solve the problem of tangled wires as well. It is safe to use Save time at work The device is strong, heat resistant, can be used with high temperatures. non-combustible material and can be connected to wires of various sizes Suitable for indoor installation work And industrial applications that require high work safety, we can find Terminal Blocks in the electrical contractor's work. or by various locations with electrical work such as industrial plants or by various buildings.

In addition to the terminal block, it will help organize the wires. It also makes maintenance work easier. Because you can easily spot the problem areas. make problems promptly

Type of Terminal Blocks

Screw Type: The feature of use is to screw down to tighten the wires. It is a widely popular call. suitable for general work but not suitable for work with high vibration This may cause the screws to loosen and cause the wires to come loose. and may cause a short circuit of the wires

Spring Type: Can easily enter the line Use a spring as a cable lock. Able to enter and disconnect the cable several times, saving time, which after entering the cable, the cable will be tight and difficult to pull out. Suitable for vibratory work with mechanical vibration. does not require frequent maintenance

Push-in Type:  Push-in call entry is a simple and no tool-free entry. no skill required Reduces call errors Suitable for vibrating applications


Choosing to use Terminal Blocks

  • Voltage tolerance according to international standards: What must always be considered when choosing electrical equipment is the voltage rating. A terminal block that can withstand voltage should be selected according to the specs required for use. Because the size of each terminal block is designed to support different applications.

    Wire size: The cable size must be selected to suit the device. A terminal block should be selected with a cable slot size. or suitable diameter

  • Temperature resistance during use: should choose equipment made of standard materials. because when used in actual use The site is subjected to unpredictable conditions such as temperature, dust and water. Not standard may cause the device frame to break. and deteriorate quickly

  • Flame retardant standards: must choose a terminal block that meets international standards. (UL94-V0) is an international standard of flame retardant protection. The device can self extinguish the flame in 5 seconds because the terminal block is made of heat resistant material.


Bluestone imports and distributes Terminal Blocks from the brand Phoenix Contact from Germany, made of high quality materials. quality up to international standards Withstand international standards of voltage, withstand operating temperatures. and has international standards of fire protection (UL94-V0) Available in a variety of models, which terminal block is right for your application? You can consult us, we have engineers and technicians. ready to advise you with pleasure









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